The nuclear industry is currently facing a significant demand for well-trained personnel. Therefore, it is essential to raise awareness among new target groups, including high school pupils and (pre-service) STEM teachers, about the potential and opportunities of pursuing a nuclear career.
47 Students and professors of 7 HEI throughout Europe collaborated in this new Erasmus+ strategic partnership ‘BRAVER‘ (Blended
and Remote teaching Activities supported by Virtual rEality for Radiation sciences (Feb 2022 – Jan 2024).
Within 4 challenges, virtual educational tools were co-created for and by international students within a blended didactical approach.

Virtual educational tools such as VR and escape-rooms developed for and by students have the potential to captivate students’ attention and enable teachers to provide extracurricular
activities for those interested in nuclear sciences and still be compliant to the educational goals set
up by the government. This project developed a blended international training program integrating technical, generic, and networking skills for both students and professors by collaborating with academic, industrial, and regulatory partners on an international scale.
The methodology can be transferred to other disciplines or broadened to other target groups.

Environmental Escape Room

Try me

VR scenario

Watch me

Acknowledgement: The authors would like to thank all external partners as their collaboration, dedication, and constructive feedback have been essential in shaping the content and strengthening the overall quality of outputs and training schools. Finally, the authors would also like to acknowledge the Erasmus+ project ‘”21PCS0004 – Blended and Remote teaching Activities supported by Virtual rEality for Radiation sciences – BRAVER” for the financial support.